I have been looking forward to this day since I started back full time!
I walked Kate to school. Boy I really miss this. And, as usual, we got there right on the bell… oops!
Then me and Luke went to the shop to get some stuff for dinner, which was chow mein mince btw. Luke was so cute – as soon as I said that we were going to the shop he asked if I could “buy nana” and then “buy two nanas”. So I obliged and for $4 I got 2 bananas…
Then on the way home, I thought since it was such a marvellous day, that I would take Luke to feed the ducks at Nurrgingy. He was so excited!
So we feed the ducks and walked around a little and ran down some hills and chased some birds and just generally had a great time. I even got a couple of nice photos… well nice enough for Luke who refuses to stay still and cooperate!!!

Then we went and played in the playground. Even I had a go of the swing and boy I felt dizzy! I cant believe I spent hours as a kid on the swings and now cant go for 5 minutes. Mate, I need to toughen up I think.

Afterwards we dropped into my sisters house as we have to wear a footy jersey to work on friday and being the non-football supporter that I am, I dont own one. Lucky for me I have connections! Thanks Fliss! LOL!

Then we came home and Steve was home so both me and Luke went for nanna naps. The sun really took it out of us today! Steve went and collected Kate from school. She is so excited – she has her disco tomorrow night! She already has it planned as to what she is wearing! Such a cutie!

Then dinner, dessert (low joule jelly with strawberries and low fat ice cream – no guilt here! LOL!) and now bed time for the kids and relax time for the parents!

I had the best day and cant wait till my next RDO! I think it might even be in the school holidays… sweet!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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