<—— Well this is me and my new do. I have racing stripes. LOL. Ok so I got me some foils and since I haven’t even coloured my hair in like 10 years, this is unfamiliar territory for me! I quite like it actually. Makes me look all girly and stuff. Yep. I am chicking up. About time. Steve likes it and of course made some dirty remark…

So not much else happening here. Went to the shops today. Saw someone I hadn’t seen since leaving school which freaked me out a little. Didn’t talk to them though. Bought a new picnic rug as we are going to the airshow on saturday! Very cool and I am super excited even if they do predict something like another 20000 people showing up!

So I have been scrapping again! YAY! Mojo has made its return which I am most pleased about! It had to return sooner or later! I did another layout last night but blogger is refusing to cooperate so you can just look at me instead. Aren’t my racing stripes cool? LOL!

So, some big news, I have lost weight! LOL! It’s the new job! I am always on my feet and walking around and sometimes on my lunchbreak I will go for a walk around Winsdor. It’s such a lovely place! Old houses, a river to walk along, old buildings, just beautiful. So I am happy with that. Who wouldn’t be? LOL!

Hmmm I just realised I have a total thing against using apostrophies and if I don’t Kath wont read my blog! I hope your leg is healing Kath! Sending you healing vibes! Bummer you have to miss out on paper crafts.

Ok so thats it from me and I know, its all totally random stuff but it is past my bedtime and school starts again tomorrow! Well not for you Kath! So we all have to be up and at ’em bright and early!

Thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂

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