Remembrance Day. When I was young I was in the Australian Air League and we would participate in marches. Air League was fun. We learnt about planes and I learnt how to play a triangle in the band. I graduated to the cymbols. LOL.

I was driving home last night from athletics and I was thinking about Steve and man, I love that dude so much! I know, a little soppy, but it was like an epiphany. I didnt say anything to him last night. But I was woken by him this afternoon from my nanna nap (stayed up way to late chatting to Kylie!) and he had placed a bunch of roses on the bedside table and he and the kids ate half the box of chocolates that he also bought me. Its kinda funny to think that I was thinking so much of him last night and then he does that. We compliment each other. I guess that what soulmates do.

So I am supposed to be scrapping and doing a cybercrop over at www.memorybugs.com.au but I am thinking too much to be creative. Sometimes I think I think too much. Oh well.

Not much planned for tomorrow. Santa is going to Plumpton tomorrow so depending on the queue we may or may not get the kids Santa photo taken. Oh oh oh I bought a new set of Christmas lights today! I looove Christmas lights! These ones say Merry Christmas. Too cool.

Anyway, back to agonising over this layout that I am doing for SM. Oops. Secrets out. Take care and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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