THANKYOU!!!!!! Thankyou to everyone for their comments about SM Masters!!! It has sincerely brightened my day to come her and see all the comments. You girls are the best!!!! I am so thankful that I found scrapbooking and have made such wonderful friends!

I have learned that sleep is overrated… until it catches up with you that is! I am home today and I am a wreck! My head hurts! One night I had 2 3/4 hours sleep. Oh well. Only 8 more working days to go. EEK! Surprisingly though, when I am over-tired I get all happy and talk lots and really fast. LOL! I have been in such a good mood all week! The job is good. Gosh it is great to not have to deal with customers!! Sorry, but it is!!

It is sad that I only see the kids for an hour in the morning while we are getting ready and apparently they are missing me. Kate had a birthday party yesterday and she sat there all sad because she wanted me to be there. I feel so bad right now and am contemplating not working at the bank but am worried about losing my entitlements and it is only for another week. Ugh. I just dont know what I should do.

So Steve bought a boat the other day. We are picking it up tomorrow. He is so excited. You see, he had a boat before we had Kate, but he sold it when Kate came along and has regretted it ever since, so yeah. At least this will stop him from annoying me – you see, everytime we are in the car and a boat goes past, he says, nice boat. EVen the kids say it now. Drives me crazy! LOL!

So Christmas is only a week away and we have put our lights up and after Steve’s blessing (so he thinks! LOL!) I bought another 3 sets of lights. Unfortunately I can not find any gutter clips ANYWHERE so I cant put 2 of them up! Argh! Oh well, it still looks nice enough.

Well thats about it in my life this week. Pretty boring I know. Ok. I am off to have a nap before I go and collect the kids. Hmmmm what should I ccok for dinner….. decisions, decisions….

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!! 🙂
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