Sorry, no photos. Thats right. How bad is it when a scrapbooker does not even take one photo on Christmas Day? I will redeem myself by saying that I did videotape Christmas morning. So there is still some keepsake of the day. And thats what it is all about I guess. Preserving the memory.

Which brings me to a scrapbooking gripe. I was over at 2peas and I was cruising the gallery. I came across a layout and the poster had put a whole big paragraph in the details section explaining all about the photo. One the layout there was one sentence about the photo. One sentence that didnt explain the photo quite like the comments section. Will they remember these additional details in 10 or 20 years time?

Now to me journalling is pretty important. I never used to journal much, just the 4W’s. Who why where and when. It was Erica G’s open heart journalling that made me rethink my layouts about 2 years ago. I realised that in 10 years time I wont remember the background info regarding photos so I figure its better, especially for future generations to just be able to read it in the layout.

But thats just me I guess.

So, not much to show on the scrapbooking front as I havent scrapbooked in a couple of months. Purchase goods, yes. Use them, no.

So work has been tiresome. Last night I started at 6pm and then finished at 5.30 this morning. Hard stuff but I am enjoying it. My managers have told me I am doing a good job, which I am pleased about. And super happy I have now finished up with Westpac! YAY!

Well I must run as I have to get ready for work. Fun times. LOL.

Before I go, I just want to mention a special lady. Moira. She is such a beautiful person. For my birthday she sends me a card and a little surprise and she sent me a card for Christmas with another special surprise. I was so touched. You see I am a bad friend. I know it and I acknowledge it. I barely call anyone to say hi, I never send cards, nothing. I think about it, but then time gets away and I forget. So I apologise to everyone in advance for being a horrible friend! Seriously.

Well thats it from me for today!
I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!! 🙂

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