*drumroll please*

The answers to my quiz are:
1. My favourite TV show is HOUSE
2. My favourite band is NICKELBACK
3. I have a dog which is a BORDER COLLIE
4. My siblings are 2 SISTERS
5. My favourite food is CHOCOLATE
6. My favourite movire is FORREST GUMP
7. When I was gowing up I wanted to be an ARCHITECT
8. When I finish Uni I will be a TEACHER
9. My hobbies include SCRAPBOOKING
10. My favourite day of the week is WEDNESDAY

So today we took the kids to Lollipop playground at Penrith. This was the first time we went there as we normally go to KidAbout at St Marys. Well, my jaw, and DH’s almost hit the floor when they charged us $4.40 per adult to get in! You see no where else we have been does, so it was a bit of a shock. But I have to admit, it was clean and well kept and we all enjoyed ourselves. Yes, me and Steve are those dumbarse parents you see that go on the thing aswell! So I guess $4.40 is better than the $11 you pay for the kids! LOL! Anyway, so we were there for a couple of hours and had fun.

Then we just bummed around at home. Steve was playing around with his boat as he bought the remaining things it needed. I was going through all my old mags. I have mags dating back to 2002. That is sad. So I am chucking them all out! Well, most of them anyway. I decided to go through them and pull out anything I like. So far, lets just say, very Creative Memories….. so I havent pulled out much!

Ok, so I am sitting here procrastinating about a DT layout I have to do for Memory Bugs. I am also thinking that I have so many blogs to catch up on and just not enough time. Ok, nothing much else is happening around here. I better go and try and scrap……….

Take care and thanks for stopping by and dont be shy and leave a message!!!!!

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