<—This is Webster. He got groomed today, and by that I mean he got shaved. He is a long haired border collie and well, not anymore. The grooming people said he can have his hair short all year round as he has sufficient ‘padding’. LOL! So this is how he is going to stay! He looks so handsome now too! I mean he always did, but now even more so!
I signed up to a competition over at www.scrapbookcity.com.au – Reality Scrap. I think it is like a Survivor type thing, but whatever it is – I am really looking forward to competing in it! You all should head over there for a peek, the girls are so nice and friendly and the work in the gallery is amazing!
We hired some movies the other day, Cars and Pirates of the Carribean. Can I just say that I am totally in love with Cars and Mater is the funniest guy going around! I am thinking that this is one movie I will definately buy and Luke loves to watch the ‘racing cars’.
I finished that layout for www.memorybugs.com.au and I will upload it as soon as the newsletter is out! Thats another great site that you should all head over to, and not because I am on the DT either (how was that for pimping! LOL! :P). The shop is great as well as the prices and the people on the forums are very friendly! And well, the forums need spicing up a little so if you have a spare couple of minutes, head over and make yourself at home!
Kate has gone to my grandparents (or her great-grandparents) house for a couple of days. She loves it up there as grandma and pop have beautiful gardens that she likes to roam around in. They live in the Blue Mountains and although they can’t take her bushwalking like they used to take me and my sisters, I am sure she enjoys it just the same! 🙂
Well, thats it from me, I have to head up to the chemist. Get this. I went to the chemist yesterday to see if they had Head and Shoulders in Menthol because Franklins doesn’t stock this type anymore. They didn’t have it but they offered to order it in for me. I am like, umm isn’t that a lot of trouble. No, not at all apparently because about 3 hours later I got a call to say that they had some in stock. Ok then. Sure. I will come and get it then.
So, thats my life in a nutshell right now, well, some of the more interesting points anyway! LOL!
Oh, and if you dont have Blogarithms – GET IT! It helps keep track of all your blogging buddies with one concise email per day that lets you know which ones have been updated. So go to www.blogarithm.com and sign up today. And thats an order! LOL! And thankyou to Kylie for telling me about it! 🙂
Alright dudes, catch you all later! 🙂
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