I look around and me and my house is a mess and yet I am sitting here on this computer looking at nothing in particular and putting off the inevitable.

I have to clean.

But not only that, I have to declutter and just basically get organised.

Now that I am getting used to the lack of sleep, I am getting around 4 1/2 hours a night, I think it’s time I started to reorganise!

Day 1
Fold mountain of washing
Change linen on the beds
Go through linen closet (since I bought new sheets last week at a fantastic price!)

That should be enough for today. Luckily we are having leftovers for dinner tonight – I made to yummiest barbecue chicken in the slow cooker yesterday. I got the recipe from my mothers group friend Rachel. So we are having it with some rice and vegies.

Anyway, since I have sat here, Luke has decided to make some more mess, not that you can really tell. So I better hightail it and go and start on my to do list.

I am SO not a domestic goddess………….

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