You know the old wives tale, if you give your baby stuff away sure enough you will fall pregnant. I knew I shouldn’t have given away my pram and portacot! Yep, 8 weeks and 1 day today. We are due on our Wedding Anniversary!

I haven’t been well. I have even lost a kilo. Just the very thought of food makes me feel sick! Bring on the next 4 weeks! I can’t wait to be over this sickness.
I am hanging up my scissors and glue for a while. I am a little over scrapbooking at the moment. I am not finding joy in it. I find it quite boring and time consuming at the moment.
Kate turned 6 a week ago. We had a McDonalds party on the weekend. It was great! Cheap too, and I didnt have to clean up. I went to buy her a new dress to wear and I couldnt find one anywhere! I went to Pumpkin Patch to look at the maternity clothes and saw a beautiful dress down from $46 to $20. I ended up spending $57 but saved $83! Talk about some great bargains!

Kate received a bike for her birthday off us. She loves riding it. Luke on the other hand has still not managed to work out how to ride his bike. He will not use those pedals for the life of him! For a kid that can stand 5 meters away and scon you in the head with a ball, I thought for sure would pick up how to ride a bike really easy. Apparently not.
I guess thats it from me. Not much has been happening around here, especially no housework. If I am not sitting around feeling ill, I am so tired I can barely move. Lets hope the next couple of weeks goes really fast!
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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