I just want to say a massive big huge THANKYOU to everyone for all your comments! You have no idea how my heart smiled when I checked my inbox and I had more well wishes than advertisements for viagra! Blissful! Thankyou all so much!

So since I am not scrapping, I have no layouts to share.

So I thought there are more things to scrapping than just photos.

A while ago I purchased The Journaler’s Handbook by Tracey White (although I am sure journalers should have 2 L’s but anyway…) and I just love it. It has heaps of journalling prompts. So I thought I could post a couple and answer them aswell. If I dont get these things written down I will never remember them in a few years to come! So PLEASE join in too!!!

You know what, lets start at the Teen section. Because I need to remember these things and my memory is fading fast… LOL!

1. What was your first job? McDonalds Woodcroft.

2. Tell the story about how you got your first job. All my friends at school had Maccas jobs so I thought I would go to my local and apply. I didn’t expect to get the job. When I got the phone call I said ‘are you sure?’ and he said I can ring someone else and give them the job if you like? LOL! No of course not!

3. How much money did you make at your first job? As a 14 year old I earnt $4.81 an hour (I think).

4. Tell the story of your first day. Did you come home exhausted or excited? I remember leaning the 7 (I think) steps of customer service. Greet the customer. Take the order. Suggestive sell or sell up. Take the order. Take payment. Thank the customer. Yes I know its only 6 but I cant remember all that well! LOL! I learnt that while walking around the carpark picking up cigarette butts. Such a lovely job.

5. List your job responsibilities. Take orders and get the stuff pretty much. Whatever a frontline maccas chick does really.

6. What is your favourite/least favourite thing about your first job? I loved working in the drive thru (yes *I* know it is through but apparently McDonalds Australia doesn’t!) where you took the orders and the money. That was fun. Least favourite would have to be 8 hour dining room shifts. Mopping floors for 8 hours. What could be better than that?! NOT!

7. How did you spend your pay? On food. I got fat. I was 48 kgs. I went to ohhhh about 80 kgs in a year. I really should have saved some of that money. I remember getting $50 out so I could buy a towel from CHS State Athletics but it was stolen out of my bag. I was devastated so my parents replaced it. Other than that, food.

8. Did the job interfere with your schoolwork/sport or social life? I gave up athletics about 9 months after starting at work. I didn’t have time and if I couldn’t work certain days I wouldn’t get rostered on much. The only thing I ever regret is giving up athletics. It didn’t interfere with schoolwork though thank goodness.

9. How many hours a week did you work? Depended but I am sure I used to get a 3 or 4 hour shift during the week and a 5 hour and maybe an 8 hour shift on weekends.

Well, thats about it from me tonight – yes – it is nighttime! No I am not at work, Steve had to go away for work so I had the night off. Right now I am watching Saving Babies and trying not to cry! So heartbreaking! Then I am watching SVU and then I am off to bed. I will murder someone if I wake up at 4 in the morning and cannot get back to sleep! Thats the problem with nightshift! But I do love spending the day with Luke and dropping off and picking up Kate!

Although Luke is not always an angel. Like yesterday I was dragging my sorry butt out of bed only to have him tell me the TV wasn’t working. I wonder why when you spray water into it?!?! Steve pulled it apart and had a fan going on it to dry it out and it seems to have done the trick! It is back to normal. For the moment anyway, and thats all that matters!

Well, thats probably about it from me tonight. Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!! 😀

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