I don’t really know why we make plans as they never turn out! I bought tickets for Jamberoo months and months ago and we kept saying ‘we have to go, we have to go’ and well we havent as yet. We decided last week that we would go yesterday, sunday, but of course it was cold and windy so we didnt end up going. We plan to go this sunday though.

We plan to go down to Kiama on saturday and stay in a motel and play at the beach etc. Then get up early on sunday and go to Jamberoo. Lets hope it stays fine this coming weekend.

So instead we did stuff around the house on saturday. Just tidying etc. Then up I went to vote. You see Steve is a Kiwi and is not a citizen so he loves voting day, as he doesn’t have to vote. Then I went to get some takeaway for lunch – Red Rooster – yummmm. I also went to the real estate as I have found a house that has everything we want – I just hope it doesn’t get sold before we get our loan. Fingers crossed. Then we went for a drive and we ended up at Cronulla. I was sick, Red Rooster isnt so good coming back up and getting stuck in your nasal cavity… Then we just played on the beach and in the rock pools. Luke, in typical Luke fashion, got wet from head to toe, yes, fully clothed too. And Kate had fun collecting shells. I didn’t take my camera or anything and I am kind of glad I didn’t. I just loved playing with the kids instead of watching them through a lens! Then to home where I fell asleep in the car to keep myself from being sick.

ARGH! How long does this sickness last?!?!?!

Not to mention the sleepiness!!! Saturday night I slept for 9 hours. Then went back to bed at 8.30am till 10am. Then I had another hour nap in the afternoon and still went to bed at 10.30pm. All I do is sleep and it is driving me crazy!!! Nothing is getting done! I am over it too. I am over everything right now.

I just feel like being a big ol whinging sook.

Right now. Right now I am sitting here still in my PJ’s even though it is 12.20. I have been going for a shower for the last 2 hours, I just havent made it there yet, I decided to strip and remake the beds instead and clean Luke’s room. Also the postie dropped off the latest For Keeps and I thought I would have a quick flick and lo and behold one of my layouts was in it, one of ET entries. They also have the details for the new ET comp in there. Due August 31st so 5 months to get 5 layouts done. Should be doable. Right now Kate is at school. Luke is here playing on his magnetic drawing thing. Oh wait, he has just dissapeared. He was getting food. That boy had eaten all his packed lunch by 10am. You see he was supposed to go to family day care today but the carer is having family issues so I kept him home. Right now the iron is on as I was waiting for it to heat up to iron my clothes to go to the shop. I want to buy Luke one of those rails for his bed so he doesn’t keep falling out. I also might get out the kids winter clothes layby. Yeah I might do that too. I have to think about what to cook for dinner without making myself feel sick. Not so doable. I might get a sandwich – cream cheese spread. Mmmm. Bit of a favourite at the moment. And a glass of milk with chocolate nesquick. Yep. Sounds good right now. Also thinking of going to the library and picking up a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. We shall see how Luke performs first I think. Right now I am ignoring the washing up that needs to be done and wishing I had a dishwasher. Have to wait till we move first.

Right now I am going to stop babbling random thoughts and go and get that sandwich.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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