Soooo friday already?! This week has flown!

Yesterday I went to KMart to buy Luke Toy Story 2, you see I bought number 1 but for the life of us, we cannot find the disc?! I think Luke has taken it and hidden it as it is his favourite movie at the moment. So while I was there I picked up Ice Age 1 & 2 and Over the Hedge. They were having a sale so I got all of them for $55. Sweet.

And then Luke did the unimaginable, unthinkable…

He fell asleep as we were going through the checkout.
He hasn’t done that EVER in his 3 short years!
He must have been so tired as he hasn’t been sleeping well lately.
He didnt even stir when I out him in the car or when I put him into bed.
So we had a 2 1/2 hour nap.

Today I went to the school to watch the assembly as Kate’s class was presenting it.
She has been practising her line all week.
“Thankyou for a beautiful item 3H.”
She was superb! She didn’t waver or anything!

Then on the way home I walked past the high school and they were having their cross country carnival.

Random Memory #173
I was Red House Captain when I was in primary school.
The other captain was a boy I previously played soccer with when I was younger, Alex.
I was good at Cross Country and remember one year our school won a big shield at the District Carnival and I and other person, Todd, had to collect it as we had won our races.
As we were walking back I thought he had a hold of the shield so I let go of it and we almost dropped it. LOL.

I know. Interesting.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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