7 more sleeps until we move into our own home! I am so excited! Although I am not so excited about the packing! I packed up all my scrap stuff yesterday. That was slightly therapeudic actually. I am glad I am taking a break from scrapping. I got to the part where I had to pack my albums, from the last 2 years, the others are in my wardrobe yet to be packed, and Steve came out and he is like ‘are you packing them or looking at them?’. Quite obviously I was looking at them. I realised how much I loved those pages. They weren’t daggy. They didnt have ‘old’ stuff on them. They told a story. That was the most important thing. The pages I barely looked at were the ones with no journalling. For a long time I have believed that journalling was the most important thing on a layout and yesterday reinforced the fact. I have finally realised that scrapping isnt about how many layouts I can get into a magazine or how many prizes I can win in challenges, its about my memories, my childrens memories, my families memories. That alone is priceless.

So I am 17 weeks pregnant now. Yesterday morning I felt the baby move. It was more like it had hiccups because the movement was very rythmic and consistant. It was precious. I had been a little worried in the last couple of weeks as I have not popped out at all and had not been able to feel the movements. I think it is because I have lost weight (somehow I have lost another kilo aswell in the last week?!) so it is just filling up the space that used to be tubby! That being said, my clothes are too tight to wear now. So today I am off to the shop to buy some tracksuit pants or something like that. We are lucky we can wear them to work! Yeah, we all look like dags, but at least we are comfortable dags! 😉

Mother’s Day was really nice. I got a little sleep in, although I apparently yelled at the kids to go away and let me sleep when they tried to bring me breakfast in bed. Steve said it looked like I had stabbed them in the heart, the poor sweethearts! The problem is, he does not understand how totalled I get working nights – its ok for him to go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 7am, but going to bed at 3am and getting up at 7.30am is a little bit harder! Anyway, Kate bought me a sweet necklace from the Mother’s Day stall, and made me a gorgeous card at school. Kate has worn the necklace far more than I have! LOL! We went for lunch out at Hungry Jacks at McGraths Hill, with an alterior motive of Steve’s to drag us to 2 boat shops. (Dont worry, he is going to a scrapbooking shop on father’s day!) Then we went over to the river at Windsor to let the kids have a bit of a fish. Of course that didnt last long with my two. Oh no. They preferred to splash about in the water instead.

Yes, Steve has bought a new boat. I was not entirely happy when he sprung this on me, but it is bigger and alot more stable than the one he has now, so I guess for safety reasons, it is better we get it.

Luke sits on Steve’s lap while Steve plays his computer games. They play Battlefield or something or other. Anyway, it is Allied troops vs German troops. We were driving the other day when Luke says, in his 3 year old slendour, “Why Germans have guns?” Ummmm just what exactly do you say to that?! I told him that they dont actually have guns, but they did a long time ago in the war. Do you think he understood? I dont. LOL!

Lukes new favourite word at the moment is “why”. Everything is “why mummy?” Gotta love it or it will just send you mental, although I have gotten to the point at times where I say “it just is!”

I got my camera back from Fuji – the repairs cost $130 – $10 part, $110 labour and $10 GST. Its all good though. My baby is back! And I tried to use the forced flash yesterday, and do you think for the life of me I could work out how to turn it on?! Nup. So after we move and I find the maunal – I am sure it is in a box here somewhere – I will read it and actually learn how to use my camera! LOL!

Kate had a whole week off school last week. The poor darling was not well at all – she had this cough and she sounded like she was going to cough up a lung. Took her to the doctor and of course it is just a virus. Luke is unwell also. He has more of a congested headcold though. Once again, just a virus. I have been craving orange juice so I think it is helping me fight off the sickness! I have also been craving hot dogs (go figure! LOL!)

Anyway, thats about it from me, I better get going as I have heaps of packing to do, although we are getting there slowly. I have organised the gas and electricity already so thats good. We can move our phone number as it is in the same exchange so that is great! I have to pick up a redirection notice from the post office and get that filled out so it is up and running on time. I have booked the carpet cleaners and I have booked my ultrasound. I think I have done everything I was supposed to do! LOL! I should book in for a quote to have a builtin robe installed in the master bedroom. I will do that today I think.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! 😀
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