Well, this past week or so has absolutely flown! I am trying to remember the details but I think between sick kids, Harry Potter, cleaning and a new idea/computer program, I can’t recall all the details!

So, yes, my poor babies have been sick with flues and it hasnt been fun. Kate even had to have her ear flushed. Quite icky really. But they are on the mend, which is great!

I finished Harry Potter on saturday. I know heaps of people just loved this book, but honestly, I felt a little, well, disappointed. I don’t know if it is because it is the alst book in the series and I felt alot was left unexplained, or if it was the ending, or if it was some characters that died I think they should have lived. Not sure really. But my overall impression at the end of the book was disappointment. Oh well. I am going to start from book 1 again as I am sure I have missed lots of vital information though.

So I have been wanting for a while to dabble in hybrid scrapbooking. I mean like really hybrid scrapbooking. So I have been playing around in Illustrator and wow, that is one cool program! You can do some really cool stuff in it! I have been thinking I might start with making some digi papers firstly, some boy papers and some wedding ones as I think there are more girls papers than anything! If I like them, I might sell my soul and peddle my wares but I have to see what I come up with first! I have no idea how to make elements yet or anything, but I am sure I can find some tutes on the net, afterall, you can find almost anything on the net! LOL!

So on saturday we decided to head out to Toys R Us and buy us some kites. Lucky we ended up buying the $3.00 Bratz one for Kate as the expensive on we picked up had a piece missing. Grrr. *note to self – exchange kite* The kids enjoyed it and so did we, to be honest. But we couldn’t stay out long as Kate started coughing in the crisp air so we cam home again. Hopefully it will be windy this weekend so we can go and play with the kites again.

So we have a family room in our house. It is furnitureless as we never had a family room before so we didnt have enough furniture. On the weekend we decided to go shopping and we got a new leather lounge, tv unit and coffee table. Very exciting stuff and even better that it gets delivered this friday! We have decided to put the old stuff in the family room so the new stuff doesnt get wrecked! As well, painting on the baby’s room is going well. I am happy that I ended up getting a lighter pink because even still it sure is bright! It will tone done once the furniture goes in though probably. It still needs another coat but then it is done. Quite exciting! I am still getting there on the curtains, just have to hem them now but I was too tired yesterday to finish them off and had a nap instead.

I was very excited to find my name pulled out of a draw for one of Mel’s pin cushions! How exciting! I can’t wait to get it! The funny thing was, I was looking at them on her blog and I thought, you know, I should make myself something like that! And now, I dont have to! Very cool! Thanks Mel and Bella!!! 🙂

I have been trying to scrap but I am just not liking the results. Grrrrr. I am undecided if I will enter the FK Awards of Excellence, we shall see. I loved my Masters entry, but I cant pull anything else together that I love. Oh well. I still have this month to do 5 layouts which shouldnt be too hard *cough*.

Anyway, I am procrastinating here, I really have to get to the shop to buy some dinner, I might head over to Spotlight and maybe even go and see my sister and baby Sarah. Dunno. I could stay and clean, but nahhh that doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I really dont feel 100% though, I woke up with a headache and felt pretty crappy at work last night, just burning eyes and dull headache, but I am sure it is just all tiredness. Ok, must go, got stuff to do. Not that I can be bothered.

Hmmm, not an overly exciting post, but thanks for dropping by!!! And if you do drop by and get this far, leave me a wave as I would love to know who drops in from time to time! Thanks! 🙂
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