Wow, another week has passed us by and I feel like I have got nothing done! This year is zooming past and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it. I feel a bit sad in a way. You see, after Luke we had decided that we weren’t going to have anymore children, so when I fell pregnant I thought to myself that I will really savour these moments. You know, really enjoy what my body is going through and what it is creating. Well, the first 3 months was a washout with tiredness and morning sickness. Then the house move. Now, settling in (yes I still have boxes to unpack LOL). I feel like it has flown by and I haven’t had a spare moment to stop and really take it all in. Sure, I lie in bed feeling the baby (who I have dubbed Amy because that is the frontrunner in names!) move and kick, and even Steve feels it, but I haven;t actually sat down and thought about it much.

Here goes I guess…

I am really scared about having a baby around the house. There will be almost 4 years between the new bubs and Luke. I am going back to work quite early after I have the baby (night work luxury, also so I can keep this house! LOL!) and I worry Steve wont get all the sleep he needs but I guess we will both be suffering from lack of sleep so I can feel comforted by that.

I am scared about the impending labour. The baby has to come out sooner or later in one way or another. But I really dont feel like going through pain again. Kate was posterior so I have experienced a very long and painful labour with the assistance of pethidine and with Luke, he was pretty quick with gas for only a couple of the worst contractions. So as far as I am concerned, I have had my fair share of pain and I really dont want to go through it all again.

But it is like that incontenance pad ad, isn’t it?

Yes I’ve paid the price but look how much I’ve gained.

*Note to self – continue regular keegal exercises*

I guess it is normal to get scared. I do have another 4 months of pondering the scary side of things.

I also have 4 months left to look at the positive side of things. I cannot wait to meet my new little angel. I wonder if she will look the same as the other two, who looked really alike at birth, and still do! I wonder if she will be a great little sleeper like the other two. I wonder if she will be a happy and contented baby like Kate and Luke both were. I guess I am just wondering if she will be another perfect little addition to our family.

I am excited. But I just feel overwhelmed by it all every now and then.

Other baby news – I have picked out a colour for the baby’s room. I have bought some material to make some curtains aswell. Also so muslin to make some wraps. I might do the wraps today actually. Also today, I have to go to Bunnings to pick out a colour to paint Kate’s room. I have already got Luke’s colour picked. Hopefully I will get the paint sometime this week so I can get started on that.

Speaking of painting, I have decided afterall to pull my finger out of my behind and enter Scrapbooking Memories Masters again this year. SO I have already started some of my projects and well, I am quite taken by paint at the moment so I am sure it will feature heavily in my projects. Now just to get some nice photos of the family!

Kate has gone away to my grandparents house for the week. She loves going there as she loves being doted on! They live in the Blue Mountains so they might even get some snow. While I am sure it is pretty and all, I think it is all just a little too cold for me! LOL!

<— And here is a picture of my lovely two taken the other night while I was at work. So this is what they get up to while I am not here! LOL! Gosh they are dags, aren’t they?!

Steve and I have been together for 9 years tomorrow. Wow, that sounds like such a long time, but it has gone so fast! We have a good relationship, we barely fight and we usually end up agreeing to the same things. We take each other for granted alot of the time, but at the end of the day, we are there for each other. I don’t think I showed him my layout I did of him at Kiwiscraps, it was soppy and made me want to cry (but of course I will blame the pregnancy hormones LOL!) and it said, if I die and I don’t make it into heaven, thats ok, as I have already experienced heaven on earth. I really believe that. Ok. Enough soppy stuff. LOL!

Well, I better go, as I have to bo and buy some fruit and vegies and buy a birthday present for Steve’s brother and a baby shower present for my sister who is due 12 weeks before me!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!! 🙂

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