Wow – where’d the weekend go?! I must have blinked too hard and missed it! Oh well. With every week that flies past, I am one week closer to meeting our baby so its not all bad news!

I am now 29 weeks. Just over 10 weeks to go. I had my antenatal appointment last week. The baby’s head is already in my pelvis but I am not feeling any rib kicks, and thats because the midwife said she is curled around like a little echidna. She is pretty active and I feel her alot, even when I am working. Now, when I was pregnant with Luke I never felt him move during the day, but if I woke up at 2 or 3 in the morning he would be there doing sommersaults! I used to think ‘great, I am going to have a night owl!’ but he ended up being a perfect little night sleeper! He started sleeping for 10 hours at night when he was only 3 weeks old! Kate’s pregnancy is a different story. I don’t really remember much about my pregnancy at all. For the most part I was in denial! I do remember one night though, I was lying in bed and it must have been her elbow or knee, whatever it was it was hard and sharp, but it went from the bottom of my tummy right up to my ribs. It was so alien like that I screamed and jumped out of bed! Weird.

So, I made Kate a pillowcase top on the weekend. I like it. She, not so much. But I am sure once summer gets here she will like it. Hopefully, anyway. It was so easy, it took just over an hour. Sweet.


Luke and I went up to the shop this morning to get some new shoes for him and Kate and I gave in and bought some PlayDoh. You see I had a ban on playdoh as I asked both the kids and Steve to pick it up one night while I was on my out out to work. I get home and it is all dry and still all over the table. Needless to say, I went ballistic and banned playdoh. Which is really unfortunate because Luke loves it. He will play with it for hours on end! Here he is just a couple of minutes ago. He got his haircut last week so he looks grown up all of a sudden. It is supposed to be spiked but I just haven’t done it properly today.


I have a few random links that I thought people might like to look at. They have some cool tutorials and projects to make.

All Buttoned Up has some very cool trim boxes to make. Loving these.

Crafty Daisies is just full of projects and inspiration.

Nicole Owens just has the most gorgeous photography. Man I wish I could take photos of my kids the way she does! And I am going to CASE her birthday party idea! Looks like a heap of fun!

Well, thats it from me for today – I have some folding of washing to do. Ugh. And I have to think about what to make for dinner. Ugh. Can someone remind me why we need to eat and have clothes? LOL! Take care and have a funtastic week!!!

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