Thankyou everyone for your comments about Webster. At the moment I am at a content place about the whole situation. At least now I can look at photos or think about him without getting so upset. It feels good to be at this place. I can remember him and the things he did properly now. Like how he never dropped the ball while playing fetch. He would gladly go and get it and bring it back and then just stand there looking at you with the ball securely in his mouth. If you went to grab it he would bend his head low so you couldn’t. You used to have to wrestle it out of his mouth, Steve used to cover his nostrils and that always made him drop it! LOL! Goodness I hated doggy drool so needless to say, the fetching games never lasted long! And then there was the basketball… we had a hoop at our old house and Webby would like to play with us by running over to the ball and standing over it so you couldn’t get it! Or he would try to ‘catch’ it as it came through the hoop and it would always end up hitting him on his nose or head! He loved water and loved it when you sprayed the hose in his face – he would happily stand there for ages snapping at it! He used to come into the garage while I scrapped at night. Man he used to do the worst farts imaginable! Either that or he would keep nosing at my arm while I was trying to use the computer for a pat or a treat. He was also so gentle. If you held food out to him he would so gently take it out of your hand. He never really licked us, he would rub his wet nose on us though and sometimes snort. That was gross! He used to get ear infections all the time and he was allergic to fleas. He never scoffed his food. He would eat only what he wanted and would leave the rest for later. Although he was somewhat overweight. LOL. He was not an overly active border collie. He rarely dug holes, was happy just to laze about in the sun. He used to try to sit on us if we were sitting on the ground. He used to paw at us, this used to annoy me though and I would always give his hand a smack when he did it as he would do it to the kids and unintentionally scratch or hurt them. All he wanted was a pat though. He would eat chunks of wood and plastic. Man, he loved those things – and I mean it when I say eat. Yep, there would be evidence when you went on poop patrol. Oh not to mention the sand! He would eat the sand out of the kids sandpit! He used to crap under the clothesline, and seriously, do dogs need to crap 3 times a day? Apparently. Stuff. Just happy stuff. Memories. Worth bottling, huh?

katedance.jpgKate is in the year 1 dance group at her school. She had her concert – the Combined Schools Spectacular – on tuesday. Kate was so excited and going hypo before going on stage though! But oh goodness – everyone cheered when the curtain went up as they were just so cute! The dance went really well and no mistakes were made! The best part about having a short kid – she was in the front row so I got to tape her easily! LOL!

lukeplay.jpgThen on thursday I met up with my sister and SIL at the indoor play centre. The kids enjoyed themselves, well, Sarah, at only 5 weeks old just slept, but the other two enjoyed themselves! LOL!

Well, thats it really from me today. I just had to get a few little things down so I wouldn’t forget. If the weather is nice we will be going out on the boat for a picnic lunch. I hope we do. Hopefully I will also finish that layout thats been sitting on my table for the last 2 weeks. It should be a goodie when I finish it… eventually! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!!! 😀

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