Bad stuff happens.

My nan passed yesterday. She had cancer. It originally started in her lung and then moved to her brain. I hadn’t seen her in 2 years but I went and saw her on friday. I am glad I did. Until now, all 4 of my grandparents had been alive, and I think I took that for granted, you know, I thought they would always be there. They never seemed to age, they never looked different or acted different in all the years I remember. It has put a few things into perspective and I don’t think I will be taking people for granted so much anymore.

Father’s Day was a quiet affair here. First off was present opening which consisted of a book, some boxer shorts, chocolate and a money box. The we went and had McDonalds for breakfast, as per Steve’s request. Followed by taking Luke to the doctor as he had cut his foot that morning. Did anyone know they actually get tetanus shots as part of their normal vaccinations? I didn’t! LOL! I just had the kids vaccinated without really knowing what I was vaccinating against! Anyway, then we took the car through a car wash followed by a trip to Bunnings. Then we just bummed around the house and yard followed by hot chips and scallops for dinner in a picnic in the backyard. And nope, not one photo, as per Steve’s request. I know. Not one. Oh well. There is always next weekend when he has no excuse! LOL!

The baby’s room has started to come together. I have washed and soaked all the little clothes. The cot and bassinette are all made up and ready to go. The pram, carseats, rocker and pouch have all been washed. Now we just need the little bundle to arrive. Just over 7 weeks to go! It’s very exciting stuff now!

Well, thats about it. If you haven’t headed over to http://journalit.wordpress.com why don’t you check it out if you have a spare minute or two. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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