Thankyou all for the comments regarding my nan. I like to think I got my craftiness from her. She was a seamstress by trade but she also used to knit and make dolls and bears and do cross stiches and tapestries. Very crafty my nan was.

I was sad at her passing but not excessively so. I think I was more in shock and denial than anything. It certainly hit me when I drove into the carpark of the church and saw the hearse. That made it real. That made it hit home. I broke down and just cried. Cried for all the words left unspoken that should have been said. Cried for all the time I should have spent with her but hadn’t. Cried because she asked me about scrapbooking about a year or so ago but I had just told her to go to a scrap shop and do some classes as there really isn’t much to learn. Why hadn’t I offered to take her? Why had I been so selfish with my time? Cried because I felt guilty. And I cried because I couldn’t tell her I was sorry.

I am so sorry nan.

Now, this brings me to another point. I was not told that she had small cell lung cancer. If I had known, I would have been there when she needed family and friends the most. I am somewhat disappointed that I was not told. But it is too late now to be angry, all I can do is focus on the people left behind. The rest of my family. I will be more proactive and stop taking everyone for granted, especially my 3 remaining grandparents.

Anyway, onto some other things…

Luke was supposed to start Little Athletics today, but alas, it was raining and so it was called off. Oh well. At least we have that to look forward to next week! His little uniform is so cute and I can’t wait to take some photos of him! He is going to love athletics! He just loves to run around and be chased and he loves to meet people!

Challenge #5 is up over at Memory Bugs!

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Flower Power Challenge!

I love this ad! If you look closely enough you can see that the cogs aren’t cogs at all, but people and other obscure items. Your challenge this week, if you choose to accept, is to create a layout that incorporates flowers on it, but not your ordinary primas, I mean, I want to see you make flowers out of OTHER items, like ribbon, or brads, or draw them, or whatever! Be creative and be free and make some flower power of your own! No topic this week.

So go on and upload your entries into the gallery for your chance to win a $10 gift voucher!

And let us not forget Challenge #1 on the Journal It Blog – “I am thankful for…”

I think thats about it for now. Take care and thankyou very much for stopping by! 😀

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