Encyclopaedia of Me Meme!

Ok, so I had seen this on a few crafty blogs and I thought it was a really cool idea!

So, without further ado…

A is for..

Amanda – my middle name. I don’t really have an opinion on this name. I neither like it or dislike it. It is just a name. Actually, when people ask me what my middle name is, I have to think about it, because I forget it sometimes. *Gasp!* It’s not as if I am named after anyone or anything so I guess it doesn’t matter too much if I don’t remember it, huh?

Alone – I guess I am like most people, I like to have some time alone. The only problem is, I get none! At all! During the day I have at least Luke with me, and then I work at night, and then when I come home I am asleep before my head touched the pillow! It’s not all bad though, because when I can get a snippet of alone time, it makes it wonderful, although I am usually wondering when will Steve and the kids get home! LOL! Can’t win!

You know what, A is a hard letter to think of words, so I think I will have to leave that exercise here for today, on to B next time.

I guess I better get going too, I have a layout to finish and also I have to do my layout for the next challenge over at the Journal It blog. Well, first I have to think of the challenge. Hmmm, at least I know a word that begins with P and is me completely – procrastinator! LOL! You know, I spent alot of time yesterday *looking* at sewing projects when what I should have done, is got my machine out and just did one! Oh well, maybe if I finish my layout I might sketch out a pattern for a top I want to make, or I could do a bit more embroidery on my WIP wall hanger. We shall see I guess!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone! 😀

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