D is for..

Dead tired – I am constantly tired at the moment. I know – I work nights and am 8 months pregnant. I *should* be tired, I just wish I wasn’t so much.

Denial – I think I am in denial over my age. It is quite scary that I am on the downhill run to 30. Yes, I have been told 30 is the new 20, but I liked being 20. It meant I still had forever to live. Now I have forever minus 7 (almost 8) years. Scary in my opinion.

So… over a week has passed since my last blog entry. It really doesn’t feel like it has been that long. Stuff has happened. I think. I can’t really remember through the fog of tiredness. I was just so tired last week it was not funny! I got to sleep a bit on the weekend and so far so good this week.

Last wednesday Kate had her sports carnival at school. Being in the infants they only do gross motor activities in the morning followed by a running race in the afternoon. Well, lets just say that while Kate might look happy in the photo, moments after this she kind of fell apart and did *not* want to do any more activities. I think it was because Luke and I were there having a picnic and she thought she was missing out or something. Anyway, she ended up staying with her class but not participating. I was a little miffed. At least she wore her top that I made her, and more importantly, she liked it, and now she wears it, all the time. She looked so cute in it too!


So after recess they had the running races. Before the kids got there, Luke decided to stand in front of all the parents, pull his shirt up and his pants down. I have never moved that quickly in all my life! I was mortified! He is such a feral!

Anyway, Kate ran in her first race and came third so she progressed through to the next round, where she didn’t come a place, but that was ok because was so excited to have gotten through to that stage in the first place.

Which brings me to saturday. Little athletics. Luke was having a ball as usual. Kate was sitting there gloating about how she came third in her race and Luke is slow blah blah and me telling her to stop being nasty as he is trying his best. Then I ask her if she would like to do athletics if she is so great. Turns out that she does. Now we have 2 little athletes. Kate is so excited about starting this saturday!

I just hope she is better as she has a throat infection at the moment. I got called up to collect her from school on monday afternoon thinking she was just putting it on. Nup, turns out that she really is sick. Lucky I decided to take her to the doctor. I also took Luke and *finally* the doctor listened to me and didn’t fob me off when I asked for a referral to see a hearing specialist. We have an appointment for a hearing test today. Very happy about that. Luke doesn’t speak clearly and it is a constant source of frustration. I have spoken to different doctors in the past year and I just get told to wait and see. Well, we have one year until Luke starts school so I figure if he has a problem with his hearing then we have enough time to have it fixed. Not that it is a major problem, he just seems to have fluid in his ears. So I am looking forward to the test and to get the ball rolling if need be.

I made myself a skirt the other day. It is pretty cool except I look like the side of a bus! ROFL! Maybe I will just wait until after I have the baby to wear it! I also made Kate a nighty yesterday. No pattern. I self drafted a pattern from her old, too small nighty. It turned out ok, but trying to make binding out of satin on satin was quite difficult, so I will remember to have more patience next time, but I really wanted to get it done as a little present to her for being unwell and vomiting over the side of my bed and not in it. LOL! Man, I love not having carpet!

Ok, I think thats about all. I better go and get ready as we have to make a trip to the library and the shops before Luke’s appointment. I also want to get some photos developed for the next challenge over at the Journal It blog. Have you checked out challenge 2 yet? No? Well, you should! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and take care! 😀

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