I know. You are proud of me, right? Yep. I packed our bags. You know this means that the baby will be late now. But at least I will be prepared for when it does decide to meet us. Just over 2 weeks to go. I still have a week left of work and that is going well although my back was a little sore last night as I think I was sitting funny due to my belly. I still haven’t got any photos. I really should because the little bugger will come and I will have no pregnancy photos! Geez I am a slacker! I will get onto that asap. I promise!

School holidays is great. I love not having to rush around in the morning and stuff but man I feel redundant. Kate and Luke seem to be getting along so well now that Luke is a little older. They have even been sleeping in the same bed of a night, not that I am sure they are getting the best possible sleep, but if you seperate them, they just sneak in anyway. It is really nice, sure they still squabble and fight but overall they are getting on really well. And I love that.

So yesterday I took them to Nurragingy Reserve to have a ride around followed by a play in the park. The ponds were filled which was good, except for the one dead duck belly up in the water, not that the kids noticed, thank goodness! We fed the ducks although judging by the fact that they didn’t swarm us I guess they were already full from other kids feeding them. It was nice to get out for a couple of hours.


No, my kids aren’t special and cannot ride on water! LOL! The path is right next to the water and I was too lazy/fat/pregant to get up to take a photo! LOL!

I had more planned for these holidays but Luke is not well. He has a cold and is coughing and spluttering and sneezing everywhere! Poor little mite, but he is not well so we are just relaxing at home. We pulled the old playstation out and it is keeping them occupied for the time being. So, I will save all the ideas I had for the next school holidays. Afterall, there are 6 weeks to occupy them for!

So, while they are busy, I think I will finish that pair of shorts I started making the other day. Fun stuff. May have to drag the kids to Spotlight though as I heard the Blacktown store is closing down and they are having a sale.

Lastly, have you checked out the challenge over at Journal It? No? Well, go and have a look, you might feel inspired to create!

Thanks for stopping by and take care! 😀

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