39+2 weeks and I am still here. No niggles. Nothing. Bummer.

I had my last day of work on friday. I partook in a raffle. It was a Grog Raffle. I bought my 6 tickets for $5. There were six prizes. My name was pulled out 3 times. OF COURSE the pregnant chick is going to win all the alcohol!!! ROFLMAO! I only took one prize though. Some girlie drinks and chocolates. I am really looking forward to having them too. Mmmm.

I got totally spoilt and was given a HUGE basket with beautiful flowers in it and some baby stuff. Everyone has been so wonderful and generous and giving. Not sure if it is me they like, or if people just like babies! LOL!

Anyway, here is another photo Steve took of me last weekend…

Well, that’s about it from me today. I might scrap something this afternoon, I have to get my Journal It layout done or it might not get done at all! LOL! Or I could have a nap. I am thinking nap. I am sure I can squeeze both in! LOL! 😉 Then a nice warm bath in some Clary Sage oil to see if we can get things moving. 😉

Take care and thanks for stopping by and I will be sure to visit you all soon! I have been so slack of late with visiting peoples blogs. I will endeavour to be better! I promise! 😀

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