Another month been and gone.

Wednesday was a busy day here. It started out with playgroup for Luke, Amy and I. Luke loves going to playgroup. It is at an OOSH centre so it is well equipped for kids. There weren’t many kids there this week which was nice as it seemed a lot more relaxed. I have been to a couple of different playgroups and this is by far the bestgroup I have been to. The parents don’t all just sit around talking, but rather we get down on the floor and we play with the kids. Then towards the end we have a movement session where we sing and dance, not that Luke really likes that part, but I join in anyway! LOL!

We also put the Christmas tree up. The kids decorated it, and I have to admit, I made a few little adjustments. We started to put the lights up outside aswell but we only put out 3 sets and Steve refused to do anymore. I will see about getting him up on the roof in the morning though. 😉 I am looking forward to seeing what our house looks like with all our lights up. Goodness knows we have enough powerpoints! They went powerpoint crazy in this house!

And not only that, Amy was one month old on wednesday. I grabbed the catscratch (as it is a hump) and a blanket and took them out the back. Then I came back inside for child and camera and Steve said ‘she isn’t a doll you know’. Well, umm, right now she is and I am taking as many pics as I can! LOL! She had a quite unsettled day for some reason but ended up having a good night so that was good. Here she is…

She has the cutest little frown, although I suspect she will have a permanent crease if she doesn’t stop doing it!

On thursday STeve rang me from the school as Kate had a mufti day which I forgot about so I quickly got ready and took her some clothes. The poor thing, I felt so terrible! I then went and had Amy weighed and measured. Her weight is 4.11kgs, length 53.5cms and HC 37cms. She sure is growing quickly! I also bought myself some new clothes. I never seem to buy myself new stuff, but yet the kids are always dressed so nicely. Oh well. Then a visit with my sister which was nice to catch up.

Friday saw us going to sewing class. I am making a tree skirt for the Christmas tree. Hopefully I finish it in time! I am doing the applique and then I just have to sandwich it and bind it. We have 2 weeks left so hopefully I get it done. I use sewing to bribe Luke through the week. He really loves going there, so if he isn’t going to sleep, I just say to him ‘if you don’t go to sleep, you can’t go to sewing’ and sure enough within 5 minutes he has fallen asleep! Bliss!

Well, thats about it from me. I need to go and make some bottles up and then go to bed as I have had a permanent headache for the last 3 days! Ugh! Have a good one! 😀

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