Crafting Goodness

I posted a while ago that I joined a pretty cool site, Ravelry. It is for yarn crafters. I love looking at the things people make, but one thing that I have to realise is that I am too impatient for yarn crafts. I want results. Now. That being said, I do have 3 yarn projects on the go, a cardigan for Amy, a shrug for me and a scarf for Kate for school.

So I came across this really cool little monkey and since the pattern was free, I thought I would give it a go. A few things, no, he doesn’t have a tail, I have made it but I want to put a pipe cleaner into it so it will be bendable (I had already sewn the arms and legs on when this was suggested to me.) and I would have used a smaller hook. I used a 4mm but since reading up on amigurumi you actually use a smaller hook, so I would use a 3mm hook next time. Although I cannot find my 3mm hook and Spotlight is out of them, what the? I know. I said that too.

I have been busy sewing also. I have made Amy 2 sleeping bags and I bought some more material yesterday to make her another one. Since Amy started sleeping in these, she has been sleeping so well and not waking up! Bliss! (Not that I am home of a night to benefit from it! LOL!)

With the left over flannelette I am going to make some bibs as presents. I was planning on starting on those today.

Yesterday I also bought some bright funky fabric to make a start on a quilted blanket for Amy. I am really excited and looking forward to starting this! I have a picture in my minds eye about what I want it to look like, but I guess with most creations, it usually never turns out how you envisaged it in the first place! Keep your eyes peeled for WIP pics!

The kids and I made some playdoh aswell. They really enjoyed helping with the colouring. I found an easy peasy recipe at Kinder Planet. It also has links to other things to make. We are also going to make the clay and do a paper mache and I was thinking that the Melted Crayon Peels sounded like fun too. I was also thinking that I would like to make a Mel Goodsell cubby house these holidays also, but I am not sure if I will have the time. I love Mel’s stuff, pure eye-candy!

Well, thats about all the crafty goodness I have at the moment, oh except I have a blog I found and she has the nicest stuff! Her colour schemes are just gorgeous! Happy crafting! 😀

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