To say I am going crazy these school holidays is an understatement! I had so much stuff planned to do, but of course, all of it was outdoor stuff! Grrr! I had planned trips to Sydney Olympic Park to do a Clue Trail, Bicentennial Park to go on a Spider Spinout tour, trips to the park to play, bikeriding trips, just general blow some steam off and have some fun outdoors stuff. So of course it has rained everyday and the kids have had colds. These school holidays have not been totally enjoyable. Right now I am breathing a sigh of relief as Amy is asleep. She is such a happy content baby, but right now, whenever she is awake, she is crying! The poor darling has a cold too. Oh well. I guess it leaves stuff for us to do next school holidays.

Here is something I am loving at the moment though. Kate and Luke will push Amy to wherever they are playing so she can be part of the action too. It is so cute when you look down the hall and see this.

And here is just a cute photo of Amy I took of her in her walker.

And while I don’t like to think about it, Amy is getting bigger and older. She is almost 6 months old. Here is a photo of her trying out the bath seat for the first time. The verdict: well, she liked the fact that she could splash her hands in the water but wasn’t too happy that she couldn’t really get in there with a good kick around. But overall, I think it was two thumbs up.

And one last photo from monday. I spent a great day with two highly talented, but special friends, Lusi and Mel. These two girls are so super talented and for those who dont recognise Mel, she is a designer for Stamp-It and released her first paper line, Flourish, last year. You would probably know of her stuff but probably don’t know the sweet, not very huggable (LOL – private joke from KiwiScraps 07) person behind the designs. I had a fantastic day and now I am inspired to get back into dabbling in scrapping again, maybe even trying out some digi stuff. 😉 Oh, yeah, and that’s Amy on my lap. See how big she is?

Well, I have some other news, we bought a new TV. Steve rang me up and we discussed it. Our discussions are always the same when it comes to purchasing things.

Steve: I was at Bing Lee today and they have this TV on special.

Beth: Oh ok, did you want to get it?

Steve: Can we?

Beth: (mentally doing sums in head and maybe checking bank balance) Yeah, we should be good.

And he comes home with a TV. Easy.

Well, I better go, I have some housework to do and maybe a bit of crafting followed by cooking dinner, then going to bed at 5pmish to wake up at 9pm to get ready to go to work. All in a days work….. *rolls eyes*

And I shall depart with a quote I found today that I have always lived by:

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with excellence.  ~Author Unknown

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