A Quick Update.

All is well. Although, I feel like I am getting sick again. My throat is really sore and scratchy. I had a similar sickness a bit ago, and I actually lost my voice. Completely. For 3 days. Lets say, I heard plenty of jokes about that one! But it is all good, I am having most of next week off work as Steve is going away for work. I am looking forward to having time off work. Yes, you do get used to working crazy hours and having minimal sleep, but I tell you, it is so easy to get out of those habits also.

I tried to take some more 6 month old photos of Amy. They didn’t work. She was far too interested in the tutu she was wearing than anything else. Even three of us, Kate, Luke and myself, could drag her attention away from the tutu.

Last weekend my camera batteries died so recharged them and I had to set the date and time again so I thought I would snap a couple of photos, just to see if the betteries were ok, of course. I know this photo is blurry, I find it really sweet. Luke and Amy. They actually look so much like each other it isn’t funny!

I met Steve up at the shops one afternoon. He needed new work pants, which reminds me, I have an evening of hemming to do before he goes away. While we were there we saw some honking big marshmallow kebabs. They were huge! We bought one for the kids, and because it was so big we chopped it in half. So, this is Luke, with half the kebab. I am not a lolly person (give me chocolate anyday!) but the kids are. I found these quite sickly and disgusting, but of course, the kids (and Steve) loved them!

Amy had her first vegemite sandwich during the week. Yep. She’s a vegemite kid. She loved it and gummed it till there was none left, except for the smear on her face. The tears is from me taking too long to get her the sandwich. You’d be mistaken for thinking that I was starving her or something!

On friday I went to watch Luke in assembly as he was performing a song. I videoed him singing, well, I videoed the kid in front of him as I couldn’t get into a better position to see him. Every now and the you see his arms though… Afterwards I went back with him to the preschool grounds and I stayed and played.

Ok, so here is where I admit I am a lousy mum. Both Kate and Luke on thursday had Mother’s Day stalls at their respective schools. Did I remember? No. Kate was ok as she had already made me something at Girl Guides. Luke, however wasn’t, but he was able to get a present and I was able to pay them the next day. I never did receive Luke’s gift though, as he has hidden it somewhere special. He just doesn’t remember where his special spot is. And, here is me, this morning, so you will have to excuse the bad pic. I had just woken up, my hair is a mess and I feel like crap with a headache and a sore throat, and the last thing I wanted was Steve to annouce he was going to take photos. But, it was Mother’s Day afterall.

I had a really nice day. I received a photo of Luke and I at preschool in a hanging frame and some flowers from Luke. I received a soap and facewasher made into a bag from Kate. We also went to the shops where I bought a new dress and a cardigan. The dress is because I am going to the races next weekend at Rosehill and I needed something nice to wear. I haven’t been to the races before and I am quite looking forward to it. Work has organised it, so it should be a good day out.

Well, really, thats about it. The last week and a half in my life. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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