Never again.

I rang Nova the other day, lucky they ran out of time and I didn’t go to air. You see, I *thought* I had a funny story and then when I actually said it out loud, my gosh it sounded so lame. So yeah, never again will I ring a radio station. LOL!

Ok, so I have some scrappy news! I was selected to join The Scrapbook Establishment’s Design Team! I was so excited when I got the email! It was one shop where I had always been in love with so I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would make the team! I am very excited and cannot wait until I start designing for them! Other scrappy stuff, I have finished my single layout for the SM Masters comp, I am 99% finished my double, I just have to do the journaling. I started on my calendar last night, I cut out the back from some wood and I am looking forward to making a start on that. Keepsake is still in the ‘thinking about’ phase. I kind of have an idea with the words and stuff. I still have almost 3 weeks to complete it, so I have plenty of time. Who else is entering this year?

So, what else has been happening. Well, Amy is 8 months old now. She sits all by herself for ages. She has started to try and get up on her knees and if she does, she pushes herself backwards, much to her frustration. She loves to eat food, especially the vegies and pasta I make. She has gone off the custards a little, she loves marmite sandwiches and toast. She still has not gotten any teeth. She loves bathtime still, especially when Kate and Luke hop in aswell as they keep her amused. She is really fast in her walker and runs everywhere, especially if there is food to be had. She watches other people and if they are eating, she wants to eat too. Her sleeping hasn’t been great of late, but i think that’s just because it is winter and she has been getting cold, even in her sleeping sack.

Last weekend, I went out the back to find Kate had caught a lizard, not only that, she had named the lizard Isabella and written up a full report! It was so sweet! She had that lizard for about a week until we told her she had to let it go. Heartbreaking, but since Kate couldn’t supply the lizard with the proper food, it had to go.

Well, thats about it from me today. I have the beginning of a cold so I hope it doesn’t turn into a full blown cold. Luke and Amy also have the start of a cold. That’d be right, school holidays in 1 week and my kids always seem to be sick on school holidays!

Take care and thanks for stopping by! 😀

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