10 Years, a Book and Week 1 Day 1

Yes, Steve and I made the 10 year mark. Not that I ever doubted it, mind you. I think we are more in love now than ever before. Although, the ‘comfortableness’ (is that even a word?!) has settled in. But that’s ok because if you cannot truly be yourself around your beloved one, then when can you be yourself? We didn’t do anything to celebrate. Steve did buy me a box of Roses chocolate, which was devoured at a rate of knots. 

Now, if you have popped in here before, you would know I work nights. Not just nights, 10pm – 6.30am. Prime sleeping time. It’s a hard slog. I get tired, really, really tired. I am on the go non stop during the day. I think anything over 4 hours sleep a day is a bonus. I have put on weight because my metabolism is out of whack. I could go on.

But you know, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch on saturday nights, and sundays too, and falling asleep on Steve’s lap. He tells me to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. Me? Nah. I just want to be next to him. Even if I am asleep. Just to be in arms reach is enough for me. And him. And that’s the sweetest thing.

Now, I have read another book! I know! Already! You see, I started reading it and I just couldn’t put it down!

Anybody Out There – Marian Keyes

I honestly laughed out loud numerous times during the book. I also cried my eyes out numerous times. I could totally feel the main character, although I wish to never go through what she went through, I can understand her. Great book. A girlie book, but that’s ok. Rating – 9 out of 10. I just don’t think anyone can beat Dan Brown. Close, but no cigar. I spotted another of her books at KMart the other day and I am thinking I might just have to snavel it!

Week 1 Day 1 – School holidays! I love holidays! You can laze around in jammies all day, and who cares? You don’t have to be anywhere important! Well, mostly not, anyway.

Our first day consisted of me making a batch of cupcakes. Yes, they really are cupcakes and not muffins. Although they could be mistaken quite easily for muffins. Nice all the same and I couldn;t be bothered icing them. I tried to make the icing mixture aqua, my favourite colour. It came out snot green, so I figured that they really wouldn’t be around long enough anyway. I was right.

And here is Amy. Stuck. Again. I swear she gets stuck at various points in the house about a hundred times a day. Ok, so a slight exaggeration, but she is always crying out because she has got herself stuck somewhere and a high proportion of my day is unsticking her. Gotta love her since she is so busy chasing the other two around!

Hmm, I only just realised after living here for a year that our door handles are silver. Thats gotta change. I will have to tell Steve, if I remember.

Kate and Luke played really well together for the first day. Next week will be a different story though. But today they played Buzz on the PS2, played with their Pokemon cards, played with some toys (but I think it was pokemon related), did some crafty stuff and played at the park with Steve when he got home. I haven’t really planned much for these school holidays. They kind of crept up on me and I hadn’t given them much thought. The next couple of days are supposed to be quite cold so I am thinking some more craft/movie/Buzz activities are the way to go.

And now since they are playing nicely together still and Amy is having a sleep, I might go and fix my Master’s project. Why the bugger did I use HS rubons on my calendar?! Everone knows HS rubons are pretty crappy. But noooooo I wanted to use them. Well, guess who gets to redo their project today? Yep. This sucker.

Take care and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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