Week 1 Day 2 and a Hospital Visit

Well, with day 2 of the school holidays, we didn’t have much planned. I thought we could wash Sally, the dog. I thought while we were at it, we might as well wash Meggs, the cat.

Sally was fine. This was her first bath and she seemed to really enjoy it. Kate, Luke and myself were all giving her back a good scrub, Corgis aren’t quite as long as sausage dogs, but they are long, and she was really enjoying the scrub and undivided attention.

Then it was Meggs turn. Surprisingly he didn’t go so bad. This was his second bath. The first one was a disaster, but this one wasn’t so bad. I think he resigned himself to the fact that he was going to get washed whether he liked it or not. Afterall, he sleeps on my bed, and I am not having a stinky bum cat lying on my clean linen! Afterwards he allows us to towel him off. He is a good cat. Not overly affectionate, mind you, but he likes to be near us. If we are outside, he lurks near us. If we are watching TV in the family room he lurks near us. He is not over us like a bad rash, he just likes to be near us. Anyway, a bad pic I know, but here he is:

I was asleep for about an hour last night when Steve came rushing into me to tell me that he had to take Amy to the doctor. He was feeding her a tin of custard and she grabbed hold of the tin and when he tried to get her fingers off, she sliced one of her fingers open. Lucky the flap of skin was still attached, but even still, I fail to see how that much blood could come out of such a little person! Her finger would not stop bleeding! Steve raced her to the medical centre but they told him to take her to the hospital. He called me to meet him there. I dropped the kids off at the neighbours (I have the world’s best neighbours, I love my street!) and I went to the hospital. Some 3 hours later and we were seen by the doctor. He cleaned the cut off and then we got a good look at it. It was bad. Really bad. If it was a cut on an adult it would have needed stitched bad. But Amy got some glue instead and a couple of steristrips. The funny thing was, I wasn’t even going to buy the tins anymore except I wanted to buy a little egg custard, but the jars only came in the real big size, so I thought, ah well, I will just get a couple of tins instead. Not to worry. She is all good and lucky Bond Wondersuits have the hand flap you can pull over! 😉

So here is a photo I took in the afternoon, pre accident. LOL!

Today, I have something planned! We are off to pick oranges! Hopefully I will get some good photos!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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