Week 1 Day 4 and a Birthday Wish

Today is my gorgeous Steve’s birthday! I have a cake baking in the oven at the moment. The kids and I finished getting his present today. He is getting a book, An ANZACs Story and a jacket from Rivers. I find present buying really hard! I just don’t think I am imaginative enough, or I pick up on people’s clue enough, and I don’t actually like going shopping for other people because I always end up buying unrelated stuff for me and the family! Any ideas on gift giving would be much appreciated!

Here is a photo that Kate took of us yesterday.

He doesn’t smile in photos. Is that a guy thing or a Steve thing? Dunno, but even a little smile would be nice?!

I took Amy to the doctor today. The cut is open as the glue has come off. The doctor said it is too late for stitches and just to look after it with antiseptic liquid. The poor little bugger is having a hard time adjusting to using her left hand. My girl is certainly going to be right handed. But this is how she is getting about at the moment. In Wondersuits with the hand cuff down. Cute, though.

So for day 4 of the holidays my SIL came over with her son. We just chatted while the kids played. It was nice company. Later in the evening when Steve came home from work he was playing around with the kids on the trampoline. Oh man, I so miss being a kid and doing this:

So, yeah, not much happened on day 4 of the holidays. But, that’s ok as I have some things planned for next week when the kids start getting really bored and fighting! Argh!

Thanks for popping by! 😀

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