Did you really think I could do it?

Seriously? I would have to be the flakiest person I know – I start things off, with good intentions, but I never seem to finish things off. I am the original ‘gunna’. I know it. I am a little ashamed by it, but nothing is going to change. So, I didn’t post everyday of the school holidays, like I had initially wanted too. But I can do a bit of a recap instead! LOL!

Monday saw the kids and I make the trek up to Lusi’s house. Also Mel and Karen went. Karen and I have just struck up a friendship, you see. I took some photos of her kids a while ago and I thought it was high time I started putting myself out there and making new friends! So, I emailed Karen one day and asked if she wanted to get together for some scrapping and well, she did, lucky me, and it has been really great to get to know Karen and I am enjoying her scrapping company and friendship.

Here is a couple of pics of us 4 at Lusi’s house.

Thanks so much for the awesome day Lus, Mel and Karen! Can’t wait to do it all again! 😀

On Wednesday I took the kids bowling, AMF had a deal, 1 game plus an arcade token for $6.95. The kids loved it and wanted to play an extra game, but I thought they would get bored by the time we finished the 2nd game and not only that, when I grabbed Amy out of the car, she had a suspicious rash on her hands so I had to take her to the doctor. Luke beat Kate, but only just, and Kate was bowling the ball herself, not using the ramp! Luke insisted on carrying the ball aswell!

I know, not very good pics! And here is another bad pic – of them playing the arcade games.


They won enough tokens for a couple of little erasers but the lovely lady also gave them a finger puppet each! Such a sweet and kind lady! Actually, I have to admit, all the ladies who were working there were just so nice, I had never got that kind of service before at AMF and they were bending over backwards to be accommodating! Just wonderful people!

On Friday we met up with Karen again and her kids at the local McDonalds and had some lunch, not that my kids ate it!? The kids also had a good play on the equipment.

I also have to wish my niece a very Happy 1st Birthday! It is hard to believe that it has been a year since she was born. I remember going to the hospital thinking, oh it wont be long until I have my baby, and now it is a year on! Amazing how quickly time flies! Mel, A very happy birthday to you too! I hope you had an awesome day!

Well, that about it from me, Amy has just woken up and Luke wants to play Blue’s Clues on this computer.
Take care and thanks for stopping by! x

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