Proud mamma bear!

Amy has started to crawl. Not proper crawl. No. A caterpillar crawl. She gets up on her knees and then slides her body down and forwards. It’s effective. She gets to where she wants to go. She was even following her train today. Afterall, she can now. Joyful times ahead. Oh yeah. So glad I found a ‘safe’ spot for the bin. She seems to like playing with that amidst my ‘it’s not a toy’ cries.

Yeah, so, that’s chocolate on her Wondersuit. Steve seems to think that it is ok to give Amy those Kinder bars, you know the real little ones? She seems to think it’s ok too, judging by the arm flapping that goes on when she sees them.

The poor bubba didn’t start the week off well, though. She has a cold! A full on eyes running nose running cold. She looked like she was crying all day! Lucky, Steve came to the rescue with some Dimetapp! That cleared her eyes up which was great and helped her to sleep well, too.

She seems much better today though. I think she is over the worst of it. 🙂

Oh, and here’s a quick snap I took of Luke the other day. He does this pose with his fingers and says ‘Am I cool?’ He seems to think he is cool. LOL! Such a character.

Well, I must go. I have to go and start dinner. Nothing special tonight, just a chicken pasta bake. Easy and warm for a cold wintery night. I also baked some muffins this afternoon. I have already had two. LOL! They were banana ones and just so yummy and the house smells so delicious! I might even shuffle some papers around while Amy is asleep and the kids are winding down for the afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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