9 months old and a fun car trip

Can you believe it? I am having trouble believing it myself. Yes. Amy is 9 months old. She is getting so big! She is very mobile now and while she still has a bit of the caterpillar crawl going, she has also started to crawl up on her knees. She eats 3 meals a day usually and only about 3 bottles. She still has no teeth. She sits in the bath by herself and without the aid of a seat. She loves it as she can splash around better. She is a bit of a frustrated soul and gets cranky when she wants to do something and can’t. She lights up when she sees the cat and dog. She sleeps well, usually. I think the cold nights have her waking up a little. She says ‘mumum’, ‘dadad’ and ‘ta’.

And if she could talk, today she would have said, ‘seriously mum, I am not in the mood for photos’.

So, Kate woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. A first for Kate. When she had it this morning I decided to keep her home from school. I had to take Luke to preschool just after lunch. On the way there we went over a speedhump. Hmmmm. Projectile vomit from Kate. Nice one. Steve had cleaned out the car only yesterday so I had nothing in it except the plastic backed picnic rug. What’s a mum to do? Strip her daughter off on the side of the road to get the vomit clothes off her and wrap the blanket around her. Both me and Luke were driving along dry-retching. Quite funny really. She is asleep now and is hopefully sleeping off whatever is wrong with her. Poor darling. I don’t think she will be going to school tomorrow either at this rate.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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