Halloween and a 1st Birthday Party

I took the kids Trick Or Treating on Friday. I managed to get the night off work especially for Halloween. The kids enjoy it and I must admit, so do I. The kids decided on their costumes months ago. Luke wanted to be a ghost and Kate wanted to be a cat. Easy enough. Or so I thought. The cat costume was easy, I just had to buy the necessary pieces, a leotard, some tights, a skirt, some stockings for a tail that we stuffed with newspaper and a headband to hold the ears. I thought the ghost costume would be easy too, but after many cuts and many trial fittings, the eyes were not in the right spot and neither were the arm holes. Oh well, Luke still enjoyed himself immensly. Especially when he got to say ‘wooooooo’ at people’s doors. Which then made Kate want to say ‘meowwwww’ and she did.

We also decorated the house, which was not all that fun as it was really hot and blowing a gale here!

The decorations even included a pumpkin which I carved. The wind blew up again before I got to take a photo of it in the dark. Oh well, I will just have to wait until next year.

Yesterday we had a party for family and friends for Amy’s 1st Birthday. I am not too happy with myself as I didn’t take alot of photos, I was too busy trying to be a host, which isn’t easy when there are distinct groups that you have to keep splitting your time between. All in all, it turned out really good. There was no friction for the most part between guests, and that’s all I hoped for really. The food turned out delicious, the fried rice was a hit, thanks to my dad’s partner. It was a really nice day. Expensive though, you can tell we haven’t had a big party for a while! But worth it for my bubba girl. Here she is on her trike:

Now I am off to finish cleaning and then hopefully scrap some. That would be nice as I have some DT projects to do. TFSB! 😀

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