A little indulgence.

I bought a new camera. A Nikon D60. Twin lens kit. Good stuff. Here are some photos of Amy I took this afternoon. No tweaking. Just straight out of the camera. My type of photography. Of course there were lots of bad ones as I have alot to get use to. I am super excited and Steve even offered to go somewhere tomorrow so I could take some photos of him and the kids. That in itself is something! LOL!



In other news, Amy took her first steps yesterday. Only two. But her first unaided steps just the same. It’s funny how we encouraged it so much when she was crawling, but now that she has done it, I think we realise it means she is all grown up, so we haven’t tried to get her to walk since!

That’s about it from me this week as I seemed to have blinked and missed tuesday, wednesday and thurdsday! Argh! TFSB! 😀

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