Ali E’s 25 Days of Christmas

I never got around to creating my album, but I thought it can’t stop me from playing along anyway! I will just post it here on my blog and when I get a chance I will put my album together. Sure I will. When the kids move out of home. But I will just keep all the entries waiting here for me anyway.

So, I am a day behind because I don’t have the luxury of having weeknights to myself to have some ‘me’ time, unless you call sleeping for 4 hours ‘me’ time, and if that’s the case then I guess I get plenty of ‘me’ time every night.

So for December 1st my entry will consist of this photo of Luke and myself making some Christmas cards:


Excuse the messy hair and seemingly double chin. Gorgeous I know. But it wasn’t until I uploaded the photo that I kind of went ‘hmmmm’ but me being me, was too lazy to take another shot. Oops.

Last weekend saw us go to the City as there was a boat show on. I dressed the kids up all matching thinking I might be able to get some practice shots in of the fam. Shame it was teeming down with rain. Ahh it happens. So we decided to check out the Australian Maritime Museum. We went on the Voyager, the Naval Destroyer. It was interesting to see the inside of a Naval boat and it made me happy I never followed that dream of going into the armed forces. It was noisy and a little scary on the boat. And that was just in dock.

We put our Christmas tree up on the weekend along with the lights on the outside of the house. I went with silver, black and white decorations for the tree and can I just say that it looks pretty darn cool. Although the black star I saw at the shops was kind of morbid, and without finding a nice silver one, it just has the old gold one on it. As for the lights, I somehow managed to get Steve on the roof to hang them, lots of life insurance jokes were made, but in the end I think it was the easiest and quickest way to hang them on our high front peaks.

Which reminds me, I went dress shopping on the weekend for my work Christmas party. This year I am vowing not to drink, I am driving so I have an excuse not to drink. Last year I got hammered to the point of no return and well, I can’t seem to stomach alcohol since. Maybe it was good for me? Who knows. But anyway, I got a dress and I also got a top and now I am torn between what to wear. One thing I know for certain is I have to go back to the darn shop to have the magnetic thing taken off my top. Sheesh! I hate that!

Sorry about the mammoth post, but I haven’t wanted to use the computer much. Since upgrading the computer and downloading drivers/patches we went over our 18G limit and are back to dialup. I can’t wait till the 5th when I am back to 1000kpbs instead of 128kbps. Makes a little bit of a difference. 😉
Cheers and TFSB! 😀

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