Day 2

Yesterday Luke had another Orientation Day at Kindergarten. The good thing is that at the moment he goes to a Dept of Education Preschool. It is on school grounds and it is run by teachers with schedules and things to make the kids ready for Kindergarten. I personally think the preschool is awesome and such a great stepping stone as Luke has no problems settling into the school during Orientation. He did want to wear his uniform though and was a little upset when I told him that he couldn’t just yet. The office lady gave him a sheet to practice writing his name and in such a confident tone he replied ‘I already know how to write my name’. Well!

For my Ali E 25 Days of Christmas album I have decided to use this photo of Luke reading a Richard Scarry book. You know the onewith the worm? I love Richard Scarry when I was growing up! He wanted to know why the car was made out of a pickle. I told him I wasn’t sure but that just must be the type of cars they drive. The reason why the pickle car caught Luke’s attention is because he loves pickles. Watch your Cheeseburgers or he will steal your pickles!


Well, that’s it from me, I have stuff to do. I always have stuff to do because I should be the president of the procrastinators group. TFSB! 😀

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