I would like to thank everyone for their comments and emails about Steve. I will get around to replying to them all individually. But until I do, thankyou. Very much.

Steve is home now. I am so glad to have him home.

The irregular heartbeat was atrial fibrillation and his heart went back to normal after some medication. He has a heart specialist appointment in just a couple of weeks. We are positive there is now nothing wrong with his heart and that it was a direct consequence of the adrenaline shot. But when doctors start throwing big words and procedures around you really start to worry.

As for the anaphylaxis, the doctors seem to think it was caused from hair dye. So. We shaved Steve’s hair off. It was either that or try and wash the dye out before he finished his course of meds. We took the easy road on that one, I think. He has an appointment with an allergist in 6 weeks.

So, for now. It’s mostly smiles around here. 😀

I am just so happy to have my man home.

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