I don’t get very many good photos of Amy, because, well, she moves… alot. And she is fast and wont sit still and most of the time she ignores me too. Especially when I am saying ‘where’s mummy?’ so she will look at the camera. Anyway. I DID manage a decent photo of her today, decent by my standards anyway! LOL! Would you believe she is already 20 months old? Me either. She is growing into a vivacious toddler. But she is still such a baby in so many ways. Which is good because I am having a hard time letting go of the baby stage.


And the other day, it was dewey and I saw a cute little spiderweb that I thought I could muck around with some aperature settings on my camera. This one was my favourite photo that I took.


Okies, well, I am off to push some paper around while Amy is asleep.

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