So, my friend Daph was just starting out with her photography business. Then she was in a car accident and well, she is still in a bit of pain and is not quite as agile as she used to be at the moment. She decided to set herself a challenge in order to help her keep shooting and gaining experience from the little things. Daphne has created her own A-Z disabled challenge. “Photographing whats around me until I’m fit to shoot.”

Well, I may not be disabled, but I thought I would partake in this challenge. The best part about it is that it makes me take my camera out in winter. And from looking at my photos in years gone by, I have next to no photos during the winter months.

So, here is A. Really, how could I go past Amy? She is the cheekiest little chicken. She will say “Check it out!” and strike a pose. On one condition, there is no camera involved. Once I crack out the camera, that’s it! She doesn’t want any photos taken of her! But here is a sneaky one. I had to yell “dad’s home!” in order for her to even look at me!

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