Funk. Yep. That’s the place I have been for a good couple of months now. In a funk. It’s all good. My annual leave starts in two more days. I can survive just two more shifts. Because it makes me happy going there and counting down the days to anyone willing to listen. Yep. I am annoying like that. Did you know? Only 2 more days! Yeaaah.

Now, I haven’t even continued with my A-Z photo challenge. You would think B would be easy, Beth, right? Well, you know, my hair is always messy and well, I can’t be bothered to set up the tripod. So after about 10 minutes of scraping ice off my car windows on tuesday morning after work, I thought I would take a photo of the frost on my front lawn. Now. The one thing I didn’t remember was my ISO was at 1600. I thought it was my lens giving me grief and not wanting to focus. No. Just turns out there was too much light. LOL. I always forget to check that!

So, there you have it, my B is for Brrr photo. Now to think of something for C. Hmmm.

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