Well, it’s my last night before I go back to work tomorrow. 4 weeks have gone very fast. In that time I have done very little of what I wanted to get done craft wise. That’s ok though as I have just enjoyed relaxing and well, doing sweet f.a. to be honest. Back to reality I guess.

And, nup, still no scrapping I can share. I am almost finished my Master’s entry. So far I have completed my single and double layouts and I am still working on my BTP. I think I might repaint it as I don’t like the teal colour I painted it, I am thinking brown. Brown really does go with everything.

Before I go, I have a photo of Steve. Go karting. You know, I was very apprehensive about him starting in this sport, but I will admit, when he was out on the track I wasn’t as fearful as I thought I was going to be. That’s a good thing, right?

It’s not a great photo, but he was going much faster than I thought he would, so I have a lot of shots of him either zooming in to or out of the frame. Maybe next time I will get a better photo?

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