Day to Day: Father’s Day

 Father’s Day was a quiet affair here. Steve wasn’t all that well, the poor bugger. The kids got him lolly jars from the Father’s Day stall at school. Which is great. Except he is not supposed to eat them because of his food intolerances. Between you and me, it doesn’t stop him. We also went for a trip to Bunnings and picked up a few new plants for the vege patch.
So, I have always wanted to do a cross stitch, and I have a couple here that are quite large, but never doing one before, I thought I should start small. A while ago I picked up this bookmark to make. It has taken me so long to complete this. Because I kind of put it to the side and never picked it up again for a couple of months. And by couple, I mean eight or so. Last week, I decided it was time I started putting some of these UFO’s to rest. It’s a bit cute, but the base is starting to come apart a little so I was thinking of covering the back (aka. covering my mess) and then binding the side in some matching fabric. I am sure that will take me another eight months or so to complete…

 I thought I would share one of my favourite pins from I love pinterest. It is one of those sites that I could content myself with for hours. Here’s a little something I have on my to-do list, which after joining this place, it’s getting longer by the day. ::source::
That’s it for today. 🙂
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