Travel: Gerroa Day 1

Ahhh I finally get a minute to update this thing. We just got back from our camping holiday at Gerroa. Don’t know where that is? Funny because I didn’t either until I was trawling through Google Maps looking for a coastal location that wasn’t too far away. It’s just south of Kiama. At the beginning of Seven Mile Beach. And it’s beautiful.
So, here’s for a quick recap of Day 1 of our holiday.
Day one is setting up the camper trailer. The only thing I was disappointed in at the holiday park was the camp kitchen. I think because when we went to Ulladulla last year, their kitchen was! Anyway.
Later in the evening, we decide to go for a walk along the beach.
There was this fantastic bridge over the river that you walked across to get to the beach.

Amy was excited because we found a pelican feather. Well, I think she was just excited in general.

We couldn’t keep the kids out of the water. No amount of ‘stay out of the water’ would cut it. Although, I am not sure what Luke and Amy are doing in this photo, it was cute, so I am including it.

And to top of a pretty great day (you see, Steve didn’t get cranky putting up the camper trailer, so yep, it was a great day in my books), Kate decided to write in the sand. Want to know what she wrote? Ok, I’ll tell you. Hi mum, I love you very much. I tell you, my day went from great to awesome.

And that was just Day 1. Phew. Tomorrow, I’ll return with Day 2. Lucky you, dear reader, lucky you.
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