Travel: Gerroa Day 3

Ahh, I see you have come back for more. Well, here is Day 3 of our holiday.
In the morning we went to Nowra to pick up some cheap body boards and pool noodles. Previously the kids hadn’t enjoyed the beach so we had never bothered with getting more than the couple we had. After getting back to the caravan park, we had a rest (which fast became a daily ritual) and then we went for a swim. The pool was great, it was heated, so the temperature was perfect. No photos of either of these. However, in the evening, Steve thought it would be fun to have a fish of the wharf at Kiama. We had some stinky prawns that had been in our freezer for quite sometime that we decided to use. Luke caught a little fish and so did I, however, we fed lots of others. LOL!

That pretty much concludes Day 3. So you’re lucky that I have Day 4 ready to go as well. Oh so lucky.

We went to the beach in the morning, it was a glorious day and the kids (and I!) had so much fun body boarding and generally just floating around in the water. The best part about Seven Mile Beach is that it is quite shallow so you can be out a fair distance, but the water is still only waist deep. Perfect for kids. Anyway, we had a heap of fun.

After our daily nap/quiet time, we decided to take a drive up to Minnamurra Rainforest. It was great the way the boardwalks are all set up. We didn’t have the time (motivation more like it) to walk the extra hour to see the falls, but enjoyed it nonetheless and I think (hope) even the kids learned a few things. My photos turned out a bit dodgy, but here’s one I liked.

Only a couple of days left of our summer vacation rundown. Please bear with me. 🙂

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