It’s a start.

That’s right kiddies. I took a photo. Day 17. In the fridge. See the apple in Amy’s hand and the ham on her sandwich? Yep, it used to be in the fridge. And now it’s out of the fridge and all eaten up. We had a little picnic for lunch today. Rocking the front yard.

In other news, I went for a run along the M7 today for the first time today. I’ve ridden on it, but never actually ran on it. Just so you know, it was bloody hard work. One hill was over 2kms loooong. Not a nice gradual hill either. Anyway, I felt like crap when I was running and the fact that at about 1km in to the run, I was already thinking of turning back, didn’t bode well. I made it to 7km out. Which darn it, means 7kms back in. Long story short, I needed a nap and I still feel pretty crappy. One would question why I would want to torture myself. Not sure, I still haven’t figured that out either yet!
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