Here comes another one

just like the other ones. A random posting of random things.

How about a layout share? This was my first layout I did for my Master’s contribution. It was a pack from Stamp-It. It included some shaped Bazzill chips, an ink dauber in green, an ink pad in brown, some Bazzill cardstock white, brown, red and bright orange, and a stamp set. I am not much of a stamper. I am not very imaginative with inks and the like. In short, I had no idea what to do with the product. I ended up coming up with this:

Not wonderful, but done.

Onto some Little Athletics results from last night. Yes, I call it Little Athletics. I’ve never really grown up.

100m            16.4 sec
400m            1min 22.8sec
1500m          6min 42sec
3000m          15min 20sec
Discus           16.43metres
Long Jump    2.87metres

Not as sore today as I have been the last couple of weeks, which is fantastic. So in order to fix that, I went or a 2km swim. Of course.

And some of my October Photo a Day photos:
Day 2. Lunch. I have some tough decisions to make each day. One of them is which piece of fruit to have at lunch and which piece for afternoon tea. Tough, I tell you!

Then there was Day 3. This happened today. A pass the footy comp at work to raise money for the social club for our Christmas party.

 Day 4. What you read. I don’t read the MX, I only do the Sudoku. And it annoys me when I can get the expert puzzle out but not the novice.

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