So while I sit here

wondering whether or not I need to change out of my tracksuit pants to go and get my eyebrows waxed, I thought I would write up a blog post. There is no choice but to go out to get them done, I am starting to look angry even when I am not. I am starting to frighten even myself.
The other week I went to the library with Sarah. The same day we found those amazing cotton spools. Anyway, browsing the crafty book section, I happened to come across this book:
If you haven’t seen it before, I suggest you look out for it. It is absolutely amazing! The work involved in the paper cutting craft is just mind blowing. (I had to google another word for amazing, I didn’t want to use the same word twice in two sentences!)
So of course I thought, I can do that.
Two things:
1. I am not a good drawer. At all.
2. I am not very imaginative when I do try to draw.
Doesn’t bode very well, but nothing like a bit of Pinterest inspiration to help me along.
I needed a saying. So I chose this poster:
And proceeded to make this:
And I must say, it made the millions of ads after every single song on X-Factor, go much faster! I am thinking I might still chuck it in one of my scrapbook albums, as opposed to the bin. It’s very dodgy, rubbed out pencil everywhere, but it’s ok for a first attempt. Especially with my artistic deficiencies. 🙂
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