You’re never too old

to try out new things. Over six months ago my training buddy and myself decided we would like to have a go at a triathlon. You know, just for the fun of it. We entered the Nepean Triathlon Enticer which consisted of a 250m swim/10km cycle/2.5km run. Easy, right? Yes, individually. Together… well, I had some training to do!
The swim was in the rowing lake and lets just say that my first experience swimming in that water was not pleasant. The water is green with very low visibility. A far cry from my local swimming pool. I panicked and I was really unsure how I was going to hold it together on race day.
Sure enough when the whistle blew on race day I was not prepared. I started to panic again and I wasn’t able to breathe. So, I stopped. Took a deep breath, looked around me, realised I was coming last, then my competitive streak kicked in and that was all I needed. I made up a fair bit of ground and I was very pleased with how many placed I caught up – almost half the field!
Transition. I couldn’t find my bike at first, then slipped off it twice in my hurry to get on it. But I got on it eventually and had a fantastic ride. Yes, some people overtook me like I was standing still, but I also overtook a few people too, which was satisfying.
Then the run. Just a word of warning for people considering a triathlon, running after riding a bike feels like you are running in concrete shoes. It’s hard and your legs don’t want to work. But the good thing is, you feel like you are going slow, so you push harder. I passed lots of people on the run as it’s my strongest leg. Not one person overtook me. A very rewarding moment.
To the kids waiting at the finishing line with their hands outstretched wanting high fives and my training partner giving me a high five as we past each other – these are the little moments I will cherish from the day. It was such an amazing experience and I am thankful to the people standing behind me 100%.
My results, you ask?
Swim: 6min 53secs
Cycle: 24min 34secs (which included the bulk of both transitions)
Run: 12mins 02secs

90/178 finishers
30/87 females
13/42 20-39

I’m still so proud of myself and I can’t wait to do it all again! 🙂

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